How to Shorten a Zipper

How to Shorten  a Zipper Can’t find the length of zipper that you need for your project? Buy a longer zipper than what you need and shorten it. Measure the length you need and shorten it from the bottom, by stitching over the coil at the desired length. Cut off the excess leaving about an…

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The Skinny on Thread

Never, Never, NEVER buy dollar store thread! It is bad for the sewing machine, will knot, tangle, break and frustrate you! ALWAYS buy good quality thread! It doesn’t really matter if it is polyester or cotton for garments (although quilters will tell you cotton thread is a must for quilting). There are threads for any…

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Sewing Kit Essentials

Here are a few basic tools that you need in your sewing kit. My advice is to wait for sales and then stock up!

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I always pin perpendicular to the seam line with the pin heads hanging out over the cut edge. By pinning that way you can easily remove the pins as you come to them, whether you end up sewing with the pins on the top or the underside of the fabric. ALWAYS remove the pins as…

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Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a must have for your sewing box! It is a flexible 60 inch long tape with both metric and inches noted on it. The ones I like the best have both metric and inches on it and is yellow on one side and white on the other. When you look at…

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Seam Gauge

The seam gauge is a very useful tool that allows you to measure hems, seam allowances and anything else that is 6 inches or less! A standard seam allowance is 5/8 inch or 1.5 cm. and can be measured using the red slider OR by using the wide end of the gauge.

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