The Perfect Beginner Sewing Machine

The Perfect Beginner Sewing Machine!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post  Brother Canada has sponsored SewGood and provided all new sewing machines for my classes. So, in my New Westminster, BC studio I have been having lots of fun testing my brand new Brother NS40e sewing machines! These are perfect beginner sewing machines. Besides being a fun colour (who doesn’t love a machine with pink accents?) these entry level computerized machines are really easy to use.

Brother NS40e

Brother NS40e

People often think that because a sewing machine is computerized that it will be  more complicated, but not so. Computerized machines are actually easier to use than mechanical.

One of the best features is the needle up/down button. Rather than always having to turn the hand wheel and making sure the needle is in the correct position you just touch a button and the needle goes up or down.

The NS40e stops with the needle down by default, which is really good for beginners as they learn to pivot.  Now,  I’m not talking dance here (although, on occasion I do break out into song and dance!) but making a turn while sewing.

As you learn in my Beginner Sewing classes  to make a turn (or pivot) as you sew you must put your needle down, lift your presser foot, turn your fabric, lower your presser foot and off you go again sewing. By having the machine always stop with the needle down, that’s one step of the dance that’s already taken care of, and it’s the one that’s usually forgotten.

These machines feature a wheel you turn to select your stitch, easy peasy! Also, with the touch of a button you can change your stitch length and width.

Stitch Selector Dial

Stitch Selection Dial and Length and Width adjustment.

I think my favourite feature is that the machine will NOT sew with the presser foot up! Yay! If you try it will just beep at you in warning! I cannot tell you how many times I have had to unjam machines because the presser foot was left up. (Don’t worry, I can teach you all about presser feet in my beginner sewing class!)

Here are a few more of the great features of these machines:

  • Easy wind bobbin
  • Variable speed control
  • Jam resistant Quick-Set drop in bobbin
The bobbin is easy to set in.

Quick Set Bobbin


Sign up for a beginner class and come in to try out these great machines.


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