Sewing Explosion

Sewing Explosion!

I have experienced a sewing explosion and I couldn’t be happier! This is my second year of offering kids classes and I have had so many requests that I’ve opened up an extra space in all of my classes. I was regretfully turning kids away when my husband reminded me that Brother Canada had sponsored me with five sewing machines so why not use them all? (Sometimes he comes in handy!) So, I opened up another space.

Table with five sewing machines.

I decided to open my classes up to five kids!

Why all this newfound interest in sewing? I’m not exactly sure, but there is a huge movement towards DIY and sewing is right in there.

Teen Class finished their bags!

Teen Class finished their bags!

When I went to school Home Economics was considered very valuable for young women to learn in preparation for running a household. It consisted of cooking and sewing classes and was only for girls! Too bad they didn’t teach you how to budget or balance a cheque book, but then that is another story!

Learning proper laying out and cutting of fabric.

Sewing is for boys too!

These days much more emphasis is placed on Academics and the teaching of Home Economics in schools is on the decline. In fact, there is a shortage of teachers qualified to teach sewing, a real Catch 22. And with all this we now have an entire generation  that doesn’t know how to sew on a button, let alone create a garment.

Girl cutting fabric.

Proper layout and pinning are important, as is proper use of scissors.

Sewing is such a wonderful creative outlet and I am thrilled that so  many parents want their children to learn. AND even more importantly, the kids want to learn! When I was a kid I loved sewing! It was all by hand with needle and thread. I couldn’t wait to take Home Ec in school. I teach a program that is specifically geared towards 6 to 12 year olds AND it’s on the machine, which is far more manageable for kids.

Girl learning proper use of the sewing machine.

Learning the proper use of the sewing machine.

As told in the American Profile:

Learning to sew helps children become creative thinkers, according to findings from a clinical study completed by the not-for-profit Home Sewing Association (HSA) in the late-1990s.

The study revealed that children ages 8 to 12 showed elevated creativity after sewing a simple project. Children who sew during these critical years of development show increased creativity and self-esteem and appear to build skills in creative problem solving and perseverance.

Sewing’s multitude of choices—color selection, fabric options, design and proportion—help stimulate creative thinking skills. Completing a project fosters a sense of accomplishment. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop through the use of the hands, and exercises in following directions along with problem solving skills are all added benefits of sewing experiences for children.

Excerpts are from an article by Alan Ross on February 20, 2005

My youngest student has just turned six! She is learning to sew safely on paper!

My youngest student has just turned six! She is learning to sew safely on paper!

Even though I am super busy teaching our next generation how to sew, I am still offering beginner lessons for adults too. I can now say that I teach from ages 6 to 62…and beyond! It is never too late to learn a new skill!


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