Puppet making on a Vintage Sewing Machine!

Puppet making on a Vintage Sewing Machine

My brother in law, John, phoned me with a question about sewing. Jessica, my niece, was making puppets for a school project and he was busy making a puppet prototype.His goal was to create the prototype and then teach her, so she could sew the puppets herself.

I went over to their place and saw the FABULOUS puppets that he created after making his own pattern! Was I impressed? YOU BET!! Imagine what he could make if he were to take some sewing classes at SewGood!

The best part was that he was using the sewing machine that had been passed down from Nana, Jessica’s great grandmother. We read the little book that came with it and did a bit of research on the web discovered that the machine was a Singer 15 – 91 and dated from 1938. John had this baby oiled and running like a charm! It was smooth and quiet and did an awesome straight stitch. Mind you, that is the only stitch that these old machines did, no zig zag on these babies!

Here’s the picture he sent me of his charming puppets and that amazing little sewing machine! Jessica made the one on the very top! So cute!

Sewing Machine

John’s Puppets and the Vintage Sewing Machine

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