So, Why Learn to Sew?

Why do we learn to sew?

So, why do we learn to sew? Is it to save money? No, not a chance if you shop at stores like Forever 21 or H&M. They offer very inexpensive clothing that you couldn’t make yourself for the price. However, you have to remember that this clothing is made with very poor quality fabric under working conditions and a pay rate that would not be allowed in our country! This is throw-away clothing that may not make it through the first washing, let alone a season!

Learn to sew to save money

So why do we sew? Is it to save money? YOU BET, if you love to browse at Holt Renfrew, or any boutique shops downtown or if you drool over online stores like Shopbop. You have to know that you could make many of these garments for a fraction of the cost!

Learn to sew for fun

So, why do we sew? For FUN! For CREATIVITY! So we can have our own style and not look like everyone else. Because we LOVE beautiful fabrics like silk and wool and we are tired of cheap synthetics that pill and stretch out of shape!

When you learn to sew you can create a unique wardrobe with the colours and fabrics that you love! You can have designer quality clothing that didn’t break the bank. AND you’ll never see someone else in YOUR outfit at a party!

Learn to Sew

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