Covid-19 Plan for SewGood

SewGood has put the following procedures in place:

  1. All students will wash their hands upon arrival to the studio
  2. Everyone will wear masks during the class, so please bring one with  you.
  3. Class sizes are limited to three adult students per class.
  4. On occasion a fourth student may join a class to make up one that they missed.
  5. Fabric and notions are supplied so there is no need to go to the fabric store.
  6. There are three individual work stations, spaced six feet apart, where each student will lay out their fabric, do all the preparation and sew. In the event that another person joins the class, there is another sewing area that is socially distanced from the other work stations.
  7. There will be hand sanitizer at each station
  8. Each station will have a basket of sewing tools that will be sanitized after each class as will all the surfaces and sewing machines.
  9. The only shared station will be the two ironing stations. There will be hand sanitizer for each student to sanitize their hands before and after using the iron. The irons will be sanitized after each class.
  10. The instructor will demonstrate procedures from a distance; however, there are times that the instructor will need to enter each student's work space to provide individual hands-on assistance. In such cases, the instructor will use hand sanitizer before and after such individual instruction. Students are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer available following such individual instruction.
  11. All students will be required to fill out a screening form to confirm that they have not been exposed to the Covid-19 virus and have no Covid-19, or other flu-like sypmtoms, prior to attending each class. Failure to provide a completed form confirming that the student has not been exposed to the Covid -19 virus and have no Covid-19 or other flu-like symptoms prior to the start of class will result in the student being refused entry for the class.
  12. If any student has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus or is exhibiting any flu-like symptoms they are required to give notice and not attend the class. A make up class will be booked for a later date.
  13. If  the instructor  has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, or has any Covid-19 or other flu-like symptoms, the class will be cancelled and a make up class will be booked for a later date.