Sew For Christmas, A Great Project for Kids

Christmas Hand Towel

A great Sewing project for kids to do for Christmas Every year at Christmas time we make a few projects in the Kids Classes for the kids to give as gifts. A favourite project “my kids” enjoy making is a this little hand towel that is designed to loop over the handle on the oven…

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Sew Scary!

Sew Scary! Several years ago I received a phone call from Paddy asking me if I would sew a Hallowe’en costume for him. He wanted to be Pennywise the VERY scary clown from the Stephen King movie IT (watch at your own risk)! He had the teeth, which were the jumping off point as they say…

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Sewing Explosion

Sewing Explosion! I have experienced a sewing explosion and I couldn’t be happier! This is my second year of offering kids classes and I have had so many requests that I’ve opened up an extra space in all of my classes. I was regretfully turning kids away when my husband reminded me that Brother Canada…

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September Sewing

Cute little onesie!

September Sewing To me, September has always been like New Year’s, a time of new beginnings and getting back into routines after the summer! With the cooler days and kids back in school it is a great time to get sewing. AND it is National Sewing Month in the US…I will take it upon myself…

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Mom, can you replace the zipper on this?

Close up of replaced zipper.

Mom, can you replace the zipper on this? Argh, those dreaded words! I told my husband when we were first married that I didn’t mend or alter, I only created, and I’ve pretty much held to it! Who knew that, fast forward  32 years, I would be teaching beginner sewing lessons and would have three daughters…

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How to Shorten a Zipper

How to Shorten  a Zipper Can’t find the length of zipper that you need for your project? Buy a longer zipper than what you need and shorten it. Measure the length you need and shorten it from the bottom, by stitching over the coil at the desired length. Cut off the excess leaving about an…

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