Carley Struve

I have always loved sewing! When I was a little girl, I sewed doll clothes, and when I was 10 my parents gave me a child’s sewing machine for Christmas. Along with it came a small suitcase full of fabric and some patterns for Barbie clothes. I was in heaven!

I took sewing classes all through high school and made my grad dress and a tailored coat. Since then I have taken many other courses to add to my sewing skills: Stretch and Sew, Lingerie, Outerwear, and Quilting to name a few.

When my children were small I sewed all of their clothes; I even sewed custom fit cloth diapers! (OK, I was a bit nuts!) People used to ask me how I found the time to sew with young children and I would say “It’s easy, I don’t cook or clean!” Not quite true, but I certainly made sewing a priority.

Since opening my business in 2008 I have taught over 600 adults, kids and teens how to sew! My most illustrious students were the daughter of one of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, and a Canadian Senator! Although to me, all my students are stars!

My students have come from all over the Lower Mainland and even as far away as Squamish and Whistler. I’ve also had students from Nunavut, New York and the UK! These students were traveling to the Vancouver area and decided to enjoy some sewing lessons while they were here!

I am a Certified Dental Assistant by profession and have spent many years working with young children and their parents. As you can imagine I have lots of patience!

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“My daughter and her best friend have been attending Carley’s sewing classes for several years now. They really enjoy their time in these classes and have had loads of fun gaining confidence and learning how to make bags, clothes, and crafts. They have created some beautiful things and developed a sense of pride that one feels in accomplishing a task on their own. Carley is bubbly, enthusiastic, and nurturing with the girls. They love being in her home and learning the art of sewing. I would highly recommend these classes, and of course Carley!”


– Leah Bettger

"HEY GUYS: She’s really good at making you feel like you’re smart and a total success, even when you goof. And I know: I ran the sewing machine with the foot up (she had warned me about not doing that…) causing it to build a tiny little bird’s nest of thread right where it shouldn’t do that, and she didn’t even bat an eye or call me a single unkind name. Impressive!” 


– Arthur W.

“My 12 year old daughter has been taking Carley’s weekly sewing class for almost a year now and she absolutely loves it! Carley’s caring and easygoing demeanour instantly made my daughter feel comfortable. The classes allow the children to work at their respective levels all the while creating fantastic garment pieces. Thank you Carley for fostering her love of sewing!”


– Patricia C.

“My daughter loves Carley’s sewing class. The small class size and the instructor’s patience and expertise really made learning to sew a fun experience for my 11 year old. She can’t wait to return next year!” 


– Kris L.

“Carley is an excellent teacher and such a friendly, welcoming person. In her beginner classes Carley makes sure you know the basics including how to take body measurements, how to use a commercial pattern, information about different types of fabrics and how to choose the appropriate one as well as how to lay out and cut your fabric. She also ensures that you are knowledgeable about the basics of a sewing machine and how to use certain tools. Carley is willing to answer any questions you have along the way and she is very helpful in doing so. Once you have taken a few of her classes you will have learned anything you will ever need to know about sewing, allowing you to produce your own garments at home! I sincerely recommend Carley at SewGood if you are interested in learning to sew!”


– Chelsea M.

“Carley is an excellent teacher, very warm and welcoming, and definitely knows her stuff. She made learning easy for myself and for the absolute beginners in the class as well. Her work space is perfect, suited for four people (the max class size) and stocked with everything you could possibly need (including some warm tea when you’re in the mood!).” 


– Minna E.